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Here the poor and those who are not accepted by the society are taken care of. This service is  done with chanting of ‘Om Namah Shivay’ and blessings of our revered ‘Prabhu ji’. All kinds of – problems and difficulties are solved by having full faith on Lord Shiva . Just in the way as.
“ giving and taking of life is in the hands of God and whatever problems we get, we get through God and when all the three things are  given by God then the fourth thing i .e. solving the problems can only be done by God”.

When we face any problem our faith gets shaken. We are in a fix and are not  able to know the cause and way of getting out of it. We start believing in superstitious things and visit various Tantriks, Pandits, consult horoscopes and engage ourselves in various such activities which give no results. One can not decide the right way to their solution We forget that a cycle, motor cycle, car and an aero plane are repaired by their respective engineers and as a cycle repairer cannot repair a motorcycle and a car repairer cannot repair an aero plane, in the same way when something goes wrong ,related to physical health ,family issues ,and economic problems etc it can only be  solved by the blessings of the Supreme personality of God Head. This place in life can be achieved only in presence of Lord Shiva and under the guidance of our respected Prabhu ji .

"The only place to know the real meaning of life and to get rid of all sins is OM NAMAH SHIVAY ASHRAM"

The Most Focusing feature of This Place that Our Prabhu Ji Talks to Each & Every Individual Personally.

Year in Review

Tirth Yatra is the epicenter of spiritual actions for Hindus in India.

The importance of tirth yatra is very well understood by our organisation. Since the inception of the organization our Guruji has always taken the devotees on spiritual expedition. The first tour started in 1982 with only handful of devotees who visited Kedarnath, one of the four dhams. Since then the organization has taken a wide shape and till date round Eighty buses with around 7000 devotees every year go on such pilgrim tours with our Guruji. The organization has since then covered all the famous pilgrimage places including the twelve joytrilingas and the four dhams. The sincere efforts of Guruji can easily be seen in the fotos (link) , the way the food is prepared by the devotees under the supervilliance of Guruji and how they are served and how the other facilities are provided to the devotees. The only motive behind such a huge tour gathering is to make the devotees get rid of their sins and to help them have a pure heart and soul.
Three expeditions are planned throughout the year.
First in the month of March - April.
Second in the month of May- June
Third in the month of October –November.
All are welcome for the tour whole heartedly.

speak to Prabhu Ji !

Om Namah Shivay – the most miraculous mantra is the most ancient Hindu mantra. It comes from the Rig Veda. The Vedic collection of sacred hymns.